Emirates Skywards Future Artists 2014 Winners

I would like to congratulate our four talented winners on their achievements, and I look forward to seeing their inspiring artworks on the 2015 membership cards that will be carried around the world by millions of travellers. I would also like to thank all those who entered and voted in this year’s competition.

Brian LaBelle

Senior Vice President, Emirates Skywards

artist Nandita Bhat

United States

Artwork title:

Beautiful World


This painting is a depiction of our world in the future with the implosion of chemicals, pollutants etc. This shows how our planet earth even though so beautiful will be ruined if we don't take care of it now. This is my vision of the end of the earth metaphorically and literally (physically) - an aged gaseous vortex in motion at the abyss of Earth.


"I am very thankful to Emirates Skywards for awarding my piece and giving wings to my art. My greater vision is to bring art to the forefront and add beauty to everyone’s world, one person at a time. With this award, I get a leap start into this mission. It is a great motivation and my sincere gratitude to everyone who voted for my work. Thank you!"